DORK AWARD: Java creator James Gosling

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Huge security hole in .NET: Java creator: ZDNet Australia: News: Security – James Gosling

Sore looser or WHAT ?

Don’t get me wrong. There is much that I find interesting in Java, and while its evolution seems to have stagnated some, they’re picking up some great ideas reflecting off MS .NET (as, I’m sure we did to CREATE .NET in the beginning)

The fact the intentionally declared “unsafe”code is possible on .NET applications is simply an option for developers on the Microsoft Platform.

Gosling is a bright guy, but reaching for press like this just seems like sour grapes.

The “Emperor’s Clothes” thing doesn’t work James. Perhaps continuing to actually IMPROVE Java will bear more fruit than simply trying to convince developers that MS .NET is not as good as developers believe.

Just my 2c.

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  1. SBC says:

    I met Bjorne Stroustrup (inventor of C++) at a Graduate seminar back in ’96. I asked him what he thought about ‘Java’. To which he replied – ‘Oh, you mean OAK?’.

    OAK was a cable-tv unit-top system that bombed then later, Sun revived it into Java..



  2. matt says:

    Yeah.. the guy is a complete idiot. He never really did anything to begin with. He is just riding the wave for as long as he can and picking up money through speaking opportunities. Sun took the language and turned it into something real.

    A couple of years ago he made a similar statemnent about the .NET memory model being seriously flawwed. Many people pressed him on it but he gave absolutely no details. He just creates FUD to get publicity. He really needs to look harder at the truly serious flaws in the Java memory model before making crazy statements like these. The link below gives information about what is wrong with the Java memory model and how they are trying to come up with a way to fix it.

    It’s all just the same marketing FUD from a guy who has really shown his true colors in recent years. I honestly can’t believe that people even still listen to the guy…

  3. Observer says:

    Hey, cut James some slack. 🙂

    Your company has a long history of screwing with Sun.

    But by all means, feel free to drop your 2c in the ~2 billion $$$ bucket you’re paying them for the pleasure.

    Careful when you comment on stuff like this in public that it’s not you that comes off looking like a sore loser/dork. 🙂

  4. James says:

    First let me say that I agree with your comment. But I think you mean ‘loser’ (rhymes with ‘boozer’) as opposed to ‘looser’ (rhymes with ‘moose’-r).

  5. MS doesn’t have a long history of screwing with Sun.

    Scott McNealy, like Larry Ellison HATE Bill Gates. As a result, instead of just producing the best possible products that they can for their companies, they set out to destory Microsoft.

    The end result of anything created for the purpose of revenge is failure.

    Bill Gates on the other hand while he may not like these men, sets out to build the very best products he can. If he defeats them by producing the best products there is, then so be it, but it is not his purpose.

    And of course, Bill always wins.

  6. Doesn’t Java allow much of the same "security flaw" through JNI? But as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad press!

  7. He’s probably just building a case as of why Microsoft should give him a job. He’s going to need one pretty soon.

  8. Nexium says:

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  9. George says:

    Java is a miracle given how dumb Gosling is: Matz, Wall, Armstrong and etc; are way smarter than he is. PS. Haskell — the only good language designed by a comity.

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