VerizonWireless – You Suck !

So, I’m home with Pneumonia, and my wife is confined to bed rest after having surgery, but…..  I had to make a trip to the pharmacy to pick up some more of the medication they put me on for my lungs.


The pharmacy is right across the street from the VerizonWireless store so, I figured while they were filling my prescription I thought I would run over to the phone store to ……


  1. Get them to fix my screwed up, 7 month old, top of the line Samsung Phone




  1. Pass around the pneumonia bug in thanks for any of the previously UNDERWhelming service experiences that they have shared with me.


So I arrive at the store where a Hostess (Brian) takes my number for the first available representative.


During my 20 Minute wait I count. 11 Verizon Employees on the floor – ONLY 14 Customers in the store, Argggg.


After 20 minutes some “clearly too important and busy last year’s graduate” calls my name and I go over to his phone booth to explain my problems.


  1. My wife’s phone doesn’t charge, really never has. The phone was $40, I’ll buy a new one.


PROBLEM – the phone came with a one year warranty, I bought a two year plan

SORRY – You’re not illegible for a phone upgrade until July, but I can sell you a RETAIL version of that phone for $249


FU snotty sales guy J - Maybe it’s a T-Mobile Day !


  1. My own phone, Top of the Line when I bought it 7 months ago for $349 has all of a sudden started to cut out on me.


NO PROBLEM – that phone is still under warranty.



There are SEVEN people in the new line – ONE Verizon rep serving them.

Several of the other TEN employees are standing around chatting WITH EACHOTHER.


After another 20 minutes I’m front of the line – EXCEPT PHONES CALLS ARE HIGHER PRIORITY than waiting customers. SO I wait some more.


Finally the service guy looks at my phone.

After a few minutes he says to me, “Nothing wrong with your phone! I just need to add some programming – we made a bunch of changes to our network that screw up a lot of the phones.


DUH !   Might have been nice to be notified since they KNEW they were screwing up many customer’s service.


Why don’t I DUMP them ????  I try. First they wouldn’t transfer Phone Numbers (I’ve had my business cell number for 8 years) up in my neck of the woods they have the best coverage (which is probably why the survive treating their customers like shit.)


Currently I’m trying a T-Moble Phone. I love the device but the coverage seems not to be too good.


I’m also gonna check out AT&T Wireless.


But in the meantime – VerizonWireless – YOU SUCK !


Disclaimer: Like is says above, the views expresse3d here are not necessarily those of my employer.

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  1. Alex says:

    You guys in the states get it in the rear when it comes to wireless service and expecially rates… I’m in the States for 3-4 weeks and though about getting a local pay-as-you-go GSM number… no such luck, activation is aroun $50 bucks anywhere you look… and extra minutes are around insane .40c. The most expensive I’ve seen extra minutes go in Canada for is .25c and I’m currently paying for unlimited local calls aboug $40 US/m. I dont even have a land line.

    Try getting a manager on the phone and remind him that FCC penalizes anyone refusing to transfer the phone number. DOn’t forget to ask for his reference number so his superiors will know who’s responsible for penalties 🙂

  2. denny says:

    Verizon Clueless Inc.

    they lost me a while back to a VOIP phone on cable and a Sprint Cell Phone.

    many problems and it’s not just your area…. they are that way everywhere.

  3. Matt Warren says:

    I’ve been with just about every major carrier. They ALL suck. The last time I tried to upgrade my phone I was refused, and I was already beyond my forced ‘agreement’ time. Of course, I immediately switched carriers, and I let the idiot store clerk as well as their required over-the-phone representative know it.

  4. Ben Holcombe says:

    I gave Verizon a try and it took 1 1/2 hours to set up my 2 phone family plan. Weeks later after I received and activated the phones someone told me that my phone number was coming up on their Caller ID as the next town over which by the way is long distance. After calling up customer service they refused to offer any credit and proceeded to tell me that I had free long distance so what is my problem. The other member in my family plan at that time was actively seeking a job. There is no telling how many potential interviews were missed. Now that I canned them they want me to pay $300 for canceling the contract.

  5. denny says:

    "I’ve been with just about every major carrier. They ALL suck."

    cause the all come from the old ATT / Bell system….

    some time check the deal out that the US Gvmt. gave the ATT / Bell to get phones into the core of the US ….

    back then they created a set of rules for phone company accounting to make sure they made money. when the phone company got bigger the rules were granfathered in…. whe the att / bell system split happend the rules wen to each of the new telcos and apply to new telcos now…. so they have a "special" set of rules for taxes and accounting that other businesses do not have …

    and so we get crappy deals as they don’t care.

  6. Dave Burke says:

    Joe, this is so similar to my own experience here in Burlington, Vermont. I was so pissed afterward that I terminated my account (telling the account rep I was leaving after 4 years because of the atrociously bad service I received at the local Verizon Wireless store) and then went to the Unicel store where I was waited on and taken care of immediately! I’ve been to the Unicel store 3 times and each time had a similarly positive experience. I’m not saying everyone should go with the Unicel, but I am saying that I am very happy not paying The Man for cell service any longer.

  7. Paul says:

    Been with verizon for several years now with no problems at all

  8. Tom, customer service worker of 19 years. says:

    You winning cry babies who think the customer is always right are the biggest problem we have in this country. It’s always the fault of who ever is providing the service. You always think you are being ignored while you have no idea what might be happening behind the scenes. I ‘m not saying that there aren’t bad workers out there but more often than not it’s spoiled; give me everything for nothing customers like yourselves. Do you not realize that companies, all companies are in business to MAKE MONEY? And giving in to your every whim does not meet that goal. Aren’t you all educated people? Did you not read your contracts that you signed? It is time in this country for all of us to stand up and take responsibility for our own consumerism. The last VCR/DVD combo I bout from Wal-Mart broke down after 18 months use. Guess what? It only had a 1year warranty. Was I pissed that it would cost more to repair than replace? Yes I was. But I haven’t blasted away at Wal-Mart or the manufacturer. I know now to buy a warranty from a store that will take care of it up to 4 years later. It’s called being smart and owning up to the fact that my first go around I bought cheap. So why don’t you all shut up and own your actions and transactions; and quit yelling at all of us customer service workers in the world, that are not the cause of your frustrations? Would speak so abusively to your mother? Well your hussy fits are to someone’s mother father brother sister etc… We’re people too and deserve respect on the job.

  9. Kim from SC customer service rep says:

    Why is when a customer doesn’t get their way its always "well why don’t I just disconnect my service?" BYE,GO,LEAVE.. you are probably the customer who is only paying $25 a month for a service plan and want everything under the sun, moon and stars. Why is that a consumer can sign a service agreement and fault the rep they are speaking with b/c they were too damn lazy to read what they were signing,I want out of my contract so I can go to another service provider with crappy service where I will experience dropped calls no call connection and "no I can’t hear you now" because I’m a whinny baby and can’t get what I want … Hell can I get what I want a customer to call in and not *** for once .. grow up and be responsible

  10. Geoff says:

    Are we talking the top of the line verizon wireless phone that runs .Net?

    Do not under any circumstances use their wireless sync offering. Security is very hackable. It absolutely screws up with Active Sync.

    So … whose support sucks worse? The guys who sold you the PC without an XP video driver and tortured you endlessly, and whose company’s first customer was Disney (yeah … its true, look it up) or Verizon? … Yup, its me from your presentation in Bedford, NH.

  11. Teri says:

    To the Customer Service Representative:

    Get a new job! Customers should be treated with respect. If you cannot do that in a hectic environment with an irate customer, then customer service is not where you belong period. The wireless industry as a whole has turned on it’s customers as if they are the enemy. So far, the quality of the phones and the service is marginal at best. But the commercials promote the system as if it were perfect. And the price plans…. What a joke. I dare anyone to get the advertised price.

    The contracts are also a joke. It seems that they , Verizon, can change anything in the contract whenever they want to. They write that language right into the contract. The only entity without any recourse is of course, the customer. All the contracts are designed to lock up the customer while leaving the provider free to change anything.

    Nothing will change as long as people are willing to pay and put up with overpriced phones and service. Wireless has become a cash cow. WOW.. Long term commitments without any guarantee of service. Let’s all sign up. And thats exactly what we do.

    We used to get along without the cell phone. Unless people are willing to do that temporarily, then the giants like Verizon will only get worse.

    I use a pay as you go phone, but the rules have changed without any notice to me . I have the AT&T Pay as you Go Phone which offered a $100 refill that lasted a year. Guess what? no more yearly refill. Now the phone is useless to me. Feeding the phone every 45 days is not a user friendly system, and will double the cost. When Cingular and AT&T merged, they scrapped the pay as you go phones, Now they have what are called Go Phones, which either charge you 25c/minute without an access fee or 10c/min with a 1 dollar access fee every time the phone is used. Two crappy choices.

    I havent even had the current phone a year, and I am going to have to scrap it. The industry really does SUCK. I don’t want to pay for something when it is not being used. All those 29.95, 39.95, and up plans/month SUCK.

    Anytime minutes, free weekends, family plans, walkie talkie modes. It’s all bullcrap. The wireless industry has truly made a simple concept as complicated as they possibly can, to suck as much money out of each person as is possible.

    All I want is a pay as I go phone. I am a low volume user, so none of the monthly plans work for me. I thought I found that phone, but the cell phone Gods must have decided that my cheap phone with no contract and a refill that lasted a year didnt pull enough money out of my wallet. The whole industry sucks and deserves to be regulated to death.

  12. Wynn Ray says:

    When we decided to get married this year my wife and I were very frustrated with our wireless carriers, (A T &T, Cingular, respectively), we tried to merge our plans under her name (Mine, hers, and stepson’s).

    They couldn’t do it, we went to Verizon and we had new phones with our old numbers in less than an hour. Between three land lines and three cells we pay to Verizon about $250/ mo. We just got a prius with bluetooth, and my wife is traveling in Europe again and needs an unlocked phone to use in Europe. Verizon offers niether, the bluetooth phones they have are incompatible with the Prius.

    It’s either T-mobile, or back to cingular.

  13. Jr says:

    In my opinion I think verizon its pretty solid.As far as Making calls and recieving calls,I never had a problem with VZW.I was having a problem with one of their phones a samsung a670 in specific.I was having trouble with static on that phone,I went thru four different phones because they swapped them at the store.But still the same problem.I called customer care and with no hesitation they told me that I can choose a different make and model.Igot an LG VX5200 and it works great,I have no problems using it anywhere get good reception everywhere!!! I think cellular providers dont work for everybody having said that everybody has their own opinion towards a specific wireless providor and there experiences.The point I’m try’ing to make is if its good or bad does not mean that all 47.4 million customers in VZW feel the same.I personally think Verizon wireless is a much better carrier than Att-wireless and Nextel,I had both and had problems with them.But I also have friends that have these carriers and they have nothing but good things to say about them.So you see it depends on where you live and the area you live in to determine what carrier works best for you.If you try’ed all and all dont work for you because you get crappy signal or you feel your getting ripped off then just stop complaining and just get or stay with a landline.

  14. crystalswn says:

    A friend of the family called verizon at the end of his THIRD 2yr agreement because he seen ad for better deal, so he wanted to see what verizon would offer him. He didnt renew his membership. Hope you and your wife are feeling better!

  15. amy says:

    I paid (like an idiot!)almost $500.00 for this kyocera-kx2 because I was really very interested in this phone that could take pictures,video,"planner",web,very attractive large screen,etc..A very handsome phone…This sales guy talks me into thinking that this is the new "it" phone for business. And truly seemed pretty cool but, I gave him specifics on what I needed and it seems in hindsite I should have been shown the blackberry phone. I need something with massive amounts of memory and ability to network away from the office.Aside from buying a phone that didn’t have what I needed you cannot even download ringtones like you can on some of these $100.00 phones, It doesn’t have infrared(which I was assured that it did)You have to send a pix message, that cost money, to yourself on-line just to get the pictures downloaded,I have to keep a charger with me at all times because it has the oversized screen and holds so much memory (as far as media is concerned)but the battery is too small. I feel like this is really ripping me off.And, before my husband started working in louisiana to clean up after the storm and I changed my plan to nationwide so we wouldn’t have to pay roaming charges. On the call I made my plan went up about $10 dollars-no big deal!- but when I get the bill I’ve accidentally been charged double my new plan and…….I’m being billed for some major roaming charges on a nationwide plan!?!… What a mess and rude people! that didn’t want to hear me out! and I was being very nice as obviously this is just something keyed in wrong at the most. Needless to say they want over $400 for my contract to end or I can suck it up and also pay $300 to replace my $500 phone that you can now get for under $200. You know I understand that we get what we agree to but, I don’t make phones,I certainly don’t pretend to understand all the new technology but I’m pretty smart and I made it very clear what I was looking for and got something that looked smart but was a phone for a spoiled teenager not someone who actually needs it to work. And no, they wouldn’t remove the roaming charges.What a joke they need to go back to the lemonade stand and wait for another big idea!

  16. Charlie says:

    You guys cry too much. Do you remember 20 or 30 yrs ago how much it cost to make long distance calls. Now you drive down the roads with the phone stuck to your ear,blab in airports like your some important VP with your 200 dollar roundtrip ticket on a transcon flight. Its the best phone service in the world. Believe me. Charlie

  17. Tyler says:

    Amen to that.  I have Cingular and it’s so much better than Verizon.  It’s not superb but its definitely better than Verizon and a bunch of the other guys.

  18. Bob says:

    The phones suck!

    I am really angry that my brand new razr is crippled and cannot be fixed!

    Screw you Verizon and screw all your snotty reps in the stores!

    I wish to God I had never stopped in the Verizon store!

  19. carmen says:

    my mom purchased a wireless with a one year contract attached after the year she terminated the contract (why i dont know) but six years later a collections agency is trying to collect money for something that was terminated years ago you suck and moms not paying

  20. matt smith says:

    I currently work for verizon as of December 2006, and I try to treat my customers with the very best care.  However, there is only so much that we can do for customers.  I encourage my customers to purchase the insurance for there phones, which is only $5 a months so that if anything happens to there phone( stolen, lost, water damaged, etc)  they will not have to pay $300.00 for their replacement phone.  I know there is a deductable for getting a replacement, usually $50.00, but your health and car issurance both have deductables as well.  Paying $50.00 is alot better than $300.  Also, I was a customer with verizon for 2 years before I ever started working for them and I had nothing but good experiences.  Everyone was always helpful and made me feel like verizon cares.  Now I feel very sorry for the people who had bad experiences with a certain store location or sales rep, but that sales rep is not verizon and obviously did not do the company justice.  However, some of the fault does have to be placed on a customer.  As a consumer, it is your responsiblilty to yourself to read a contract before you sign it.  Also when you are purchasing your phone and contract you are asked if you would like to purchase inssurance for your phone.  If you decline and two months later you drop your phone in water that is not verizon’s fault.  It is time that consumers take responsiblity for their purchases.  I am not saying that the consumer is always wrong or verizon always right, but the customer does need to relize that things can not always be free or exactly how they want, because Verizon would go bankrupt.

    Joe added: Thanks for a great example of WHY the customer service culture of Verizon SUCKS !

  21. B says:

    Another response to the Customer Service Rep named Tom:

    You’re moronic response shows that you obviously have no sense of customer service. How the hell did you get a job as a customer service rep? THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT you idiot! We fund your company! "all companies are in business to MAKE MONEY" as you say, where the hell do you think it comes from? Duh the customer! Piss them off, good luck making money! And "giving into our whim" does meet that goal.

    You comment on our education, why don’t you re-evaluate your own especially as a customer service rep speaking out so boldly in your response to customers’ posts in this forum who are posting in response to having had problems with reps who are probably like you with the same insensitive mindset.

    You say we’re the biggest problem in this country? Ha that’s a laugh, the consumer is nothing compared to the "leaders" of this country!

    Get your mind in gear man.

  22. rita says:

    verizon youowe me a refundin the amount of $775.00 since April of 2007 to date you are still processing the check. It only took you 1 month to disconnect my phone for your error, but it’s 5 mths and you can;t send me my money. i am with at&t and i am very happy but i think it’s time to see yopu in court.            

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