Books, Books, Books …

SB - The first photo was just the ones I got Tuesday.

THIS is my Security Bookshelf.......

My Security Bookshelf

.... and this is my normal bookshelf.


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  1. Alan Yeung says:

    I don’t have 30 years of programming experience yet but I can visualize how my room will look like in 20 years…

    BTW, I bet you have more tech books than my local Borders/B&N stores…

  2. Aaron Weiker says:

    Moving companies must love you.

    You do realize though that books make great firestarters!! Fire is fun!! Especially in the middle of a blizzard like we hard a couple weeks ago.

  3. Patrick says:

    With so much in-depth technical information available on the web, are this many books really necessary? I have been developing enterprise level C# for 3 years now and have not purchased a single book on the subjet. Any time I need information, I head to Google.

  4. Hi Patrick,

    The web works best for me whan I need to solve a specific problem, but books are still better in some ways.

    First – I read them cover to cover, so I learn more than my single target information. Second, reading different books on the same topic, but by different authors is really self expanding.

    Lastly – especially with security – you can’t know all the QUESTIONS, which makes getting answers to those questions that you don’t yet know awefull hard.

    I consider it investing in my ongoing education.


  5. Now that’s more like it!

  6. Patrick says:

    Ok, agreed.. you can get answers to questions you didn’t know exist.. especially useful with security.

    Funny that this blog entry was posted minutes after my comment 🙂

  7. Jeff Parker says:

    Hah and I thought I was bad I sent the URL of this to my wife saying See I am not the only one. Funny though looking at your shelf, are they in order by Date or by Technology. The reason it is hard to tell is because some of the earlier great books were your WROX collection, The ASP, Early XML, VB 6, C++. Then the MS press in the last couple years has just really shined with .net ADO C# VB and so on.

    Got a response back from my wife while writing she wants me to ask you, Ok great you have all these books but would you tell my hunband he doesn’t need to keep the DOS books and SCO Unix books anymore?

  8. SBC says:

    well I have about a dozen bookshelves with a mixture of Economics, Business & Computer books (possibly several hundred) – I’ll blog about it later..

    Now that we are getting into a "who has more" contest – I have more machines –



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