Another example of how working at Microsoft ROCKS !!

I just woke up after the closest thing to a nights sleep I’ve had in Months and I confess to being somewhat heavily medicated.


On with the post…..


Microsoft is the #1 Software Company on the planet, and as a result, it’s become fashionable to hate Microsoft in recent years. (I was reminded of this yesterday when the piss-ants at SlashDot SENSOR any post I try to make there no matter WHAT I say – simply because out of fairness I identify myself as a Microsoft Employee.


Now, unlike what the SlashSnotters would like you to think, not everyone here at Microsoft is too deep in the MS Coolaid.


I speak for a living and I’m a pretty no bullshit kind of guy (which – by the way – Microsoft puts up with because even though they aren’t always totally happy with what I say – they know my customers really like my frankness.)


Tuesday I spoke at an MSDNEvent in Providence RI. I felt bad because, even though my audience was very understanding (THANKS PROVIDENCE) – I was very sick.


So on yesterday I web to the doctors. Turns out I have pneumonia and some bronchial infection. That’s bad enough – but I’m also asthmatic, so at the doctor’s today my lung capacity was at 30% (picture trying to breath with a REALLY b ig guy sitting on your chest.


They gave me a quite wonderful connection of drugs along with some sort of  Sci-Fi breathing machine (Plastic version of an iron lung ????) – now the drugs are REALLY kind-of good. (I’m still coughing my lungs out, and my ass off, but now it’s funny.)


At my darling wife’s insistence, I agreed to NOT DRIVE under the inflewence and hire a car to take me to and from my MSDNEvent Boston today.


I called my boss Mike Oniell, to tell him that I was probably going to be a bit late. (My event’s don’t start until 1:00pm but the event starts at 8:00.


Mike flipped his paternal bit and suggested I let one of the other capable technologists on my team fill in for me so that I could rest and recoup. (Meaning he told me I was being an Ass and why was I so insistent on working against Doctor’s orders.


Now I know this may not make sense to YOU – but I’ve NEVER called in sick at Microsoft. It’s not just that MY events are my events – but New England, and especially BOSTON developers are MY community. !!!!


I said this to Mike – who flipped his Paternal AND HIS Managers bit.


He invoked D1 Decision (on our tam all decisions have a variant D5 to D1. D5 means the decision is a team vote. D1, which we have very few of, is a Manager’s Mandate).


“Joe – you’re being an asshole (between my boss and I it's a term of endearment) , you are also staying home tomorrow, we’ll cover your event – GET WELL.”


Now – this is a pain in the ass for him. Late on a Wednesday afternoon he has to find some one to drop everything and get on a plane to Boston – spending a FORTUNE on airfare, etc, etc……


Mike also knows that my wife had major surgery two weeks ago and that I’m doing double duty – Microsoft Developer Community Champion (at least TWO full time jobs) AND Mr. Mom, because my wife’s is restricted to bed rest.


He did the BEST thing for me, but not the easiest for him!


…. And this type of thing happens all the time.


Everyone knows that Microsoft is a TOUGH place to work.


Most people don’t know that this is the type of management culture that gets fostered here.


Thanks Mike !!!!

(… and Pat Hays, Mike’s boss and the Director of our division.)

(.... and Glen for jumping on a plane on short notice - I owe you !)


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  1. Kevin Remde says:

    Nice story! And I know that my boss and others on the team would do the same thing as Mike did.

    Get well, man!

    -Kevin (SST Teammate of Joe’s) Remde

  2. Hey Joe! <BR><BR>Too bad you’re getting treated badly at slashdot. I’ve been a long time follower of the free software community, and I’ve been reading slashdot more-or-less regularly for a number of years. I’m also a professional software engineer, and am excited about .NET and try to use it as often as I see an opportunity to do so. <BR><BR>A thing that I’ve noticed the last year is that posts trying to objectively inform what .NET is and who it benefits regularly get modded up, often to +5 Informative or +5 Insightful. So there is a huge part of the slashdot crowd that not only are aware of .NET, they even know of its benefits and are indeed trying to promote it themselves. The Mono project is an excellent example of this, and if it keeps progressing the way it seems to do, it’ll be the first real alternative to cross-platform development (IMHO). <BR><BR>Obviously, some people will always hate Microsoft, even though it’s not even trendy anymore. But referring to them as "SlashSnotters" seems somewhat counterproductive, even though any mass of people that large will contain certain oddballs. 😉 <BR><BR>Keep on keepin’ on.

  3. Man….You need REST….pneumonia will wiper you out if you’re not careful! Had it once in University. Fun times with Fever Hallucinations. While you point out that this is good of MS (and more directly your manager) to do, I really can’t think of ANY professional corporation that would want their employee out there risking death to do a presentation. (Plus it makes for a poor presentation <grin>)

    Get well!

  4. Mark Mullin says:

    Joe, rest and get well – DON’T DO ANYTHING THAT MIGHT SCREW UP THE CODE CAMP IN MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FWIW, if memory serves me correctly, you were standing in the back of the room on a previous code camp, and looking pensive while someone absolutely took apart the party line on .net and CCW – So I’d actually give you credit for converting marketing coolaid to a pretty fine developer vintage, as it were – I like slashdot, but in your case, they are forgetting first principles

  5. Although your sentiments were nice, I think it is important that I confess to everyone that lately I have been calling you a "Sick Bastard."

    I will let you and everyone else determine if it is a term of endearment or rather just new descritptive adjectives. 😉

    Get well Soon!

    Your Boss.

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