SECURITY – Presenting a FULL DAY at The First Annual Software Security Summit !

I just agreed to give a full day of presentations at The First Annual Software Security Summit 

Here is the blurb .....

We know Security is important, but the alarming truth is that most software development processes give only superficial consideration to strong application Application Security. We'll begin by examining the scope of the problem, who the bad guys are, and what they want. We'll then perform LIVE HACKING, and enumerate attack categories and the software development solutions to shut out the hackers.

The class will investigate buffer overflows, SQL injection attacks, cross site scripting attacks, numeric foolery and stupid browser tricks. You'll also learn how to protect the intellectual property in your executables, how to safely store configuration data, how to test for Security  and how to minimize the risk of human engineering factors.

Can't make the Conference ????

Tune in to my Digital Black Belt Developer Security Webcasts Series !! --

First Webcast in a couple of WEEKS !


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