BOOK REVIEW: Eclipse Distilled

I tried early versions of Eclipse. They sucked. Eclipse 3.0 is a huge improvement. (And the performance problems seem to be fixed.) Eclipse Distilled is a fast 280 page tour of Eclipse and, while Java coverage is a given in an Eclipse book, Eclipse is clearly… ·         A platform – not a tool. ·         Not…

BOOK REVIEW: JBoss – A Developer’s Notebook

After meeting with Bill Hilf, Director of Microsoft’s Technical Platform Strategy R&D Group, and discussing Microsoft’s recent agreement with JBoss Inc. (read more here), I went on a bit of a Java refresher. (I used to be a Java Developer) After interviewing Jesse Liberty on his Visual C# 2005 Developer’s Notebook, I got turned on…

A great quote….

  Judge a man by the questions he asks, rather than the answers he gives.  – Voltaire  


Another reason that IIS ROCKS and PHP is better on Microsoft Windows!

While Microsoft does not officially endorse PHP, I’ve done lots of PHP work. When presenting at the Zend PHP Conference a couple of weeks ago, I met the folks from SugarCRM. SugarCRM  offers both a commercial version of their product and a free Open Source version. The SugarCRM guys were interesting to talk to and…


Watch my PDC Videos !!!!!!

While at PDC I got to have several great discussions with premier .NET authors. I did these for Sys-Con.TV  please watch them here.

My week at the Zend PHP Conference 2005

My week at PHP-Con.   After a quick stop in Dallas I spent the week in San Francisco at the Zend PHP Conference when I presented on PHP development in the Windows World.   I came to work at Microsoft after seeing a preview of ASP.NET in 2000 and have had a passion for the…


If you live in New England – Check out Jesse !

This month at New Hampshire Dot Net www.NHDN.Com  we’ve got Jesse Liberty. Jesse is one of my favorite authors and newest Microsoft .NET MVP. Don’t miss his presentation! 6:00 to 8:30 at Boston University Corporate Education Center 72 Tyng RoadTyngsboro, MA 01879


Capturing Video in Managed Code

Dan Fernandez, Senior Product Manager in the Devloper Group answered a question on our internal list servers this week that I wanted to share because it answers a quesion that I myself have asked recently. Are there rtesources for capturing video in Managed Code. The answer is YES ! If you’re running Windows XP, you…