$299 – Buys Microsoft Developer Tools for all the Students in your High School !

One of the places where I think Microsoft has not invested enough is getting into Secondary and Post-Secondary Educational institutions. Check this out. MSDN Academic Alliance High School Membership For colleges the Academic Alliance program costs $899, now for High Schools it’s $299. What a great way to get High Schooler’s started with .NET development….


Help me pick a couple of web cast series……

  I’ve been doing some planning for next year’s webcasts and wanted to get some feedback as to what developer’s at large are most interested in. Here are the “series” I’m considering. Digital BlackBelt Training – A series of deep dives on developer security subjects including architecture, coding, instrumentation, and segment by segment on How…


Settle the argument for me !!!!

Some of the guys on my team are making the argument that we (MSDNEvents) should invest more heavily in blog technology. Others say people don’t really read blogs and that we can’t connect with developers via blogs. As a “test” for our senior management team, we are seeing how many click-throughs we can drive to…


PalmOne to use Windows Software on Devices ???

“PalmOne representatives disputed the contents of the research note, from Needham & Co. The note said that PalmOne “tacitly admitted” it was working to make Microsoft’s operating system available on the popular Treo line of phones.” Click here to check it out !!

(Now just) Joe on MONO

Sometimes it’s frustrating to work for Microsoft and speak to developers for a living. I understand that sensationalism sells press, and the press has has gotten a great deal of mileage out of bashing Microsoft and second-guessing Bill G. and Steve B. at every turn during the past few years. … but if you REALLY…


My boss (MikeO) finally got a blog !!!!!

  My manager (MikeO) – the manager of MSDNEvents – Finally got a blog. Read him here.  

Wanna be a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft ?

Want to work on the best team at Microsoft? Fri, 22 Oct 2004 07:26:00 GMT No offense to my Microsoft counterparts, but the Developer Evangelist team is the place to be for an outgoing, quirky, passionate, developer with deep technical knowledge and strong presentation skills. Thre isan opening on this team in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click…