Why are there so many Assholes ?


I’m on vacation this week, which is to say that I’m catching up on work. While doing a collection of web maintenance tasks and getting a couple of new web sites ready, I’m struck with the question “Why are there so many Assholes ?”

  • Why do the same assholes SPAM my blog every day? I moderate spam so it never appears, but each day they come back to offer my reader viagra, hair tonic, fake Rolex’s, etc.
  • Why to the same assholes SPAM my quest book at ManagedCode.com over and over again. I always delete spam guestbook signatures so they don’t result in any traffic, but they keep on posting.
  • Why would some asshole deface my site at ManagedCode.com? I’ve been using IPortal (the Classic ASP Version) and a bug was recently found. Someone defaced my site. I fixed it. They defaced it again. They use an alias so they don't get credit, it’s not a hack (they just copy what someone else found) so there is no intellectual credit, there doesn’t seem to be any political benefit – so what’s the POINT?

One of my New Years resolutions is to do some work to block and catch on-line MalTechs !!!  I’m switching ManagedCode.com to the SOOP Portal and will publish my MODS.

…… and speaking of Assholes, if your interested in the SOOP project, make sure you go to www.soopportal.ORG and NOT www.soopportal.COM – because some asshole has gleaned the SOOP name to use for a porn site.


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  1. Keith says:

    I’m with you Joe. I don’t understand spam. No one likes it. I can’t imagine ever purchasing something from a company or person who spams me. One would think that if a person is smart enough to own and run a business, they would be smart enough to realize this.

  2. Marc LaFleur says:

    Because of the "law of 9". Studies show that if you tall someone to use your product 9 times within a reasonable amount of time, they will use it (and think it was their idea). And unfortunately, it works.

    If you knew how much money there is in this you would be tempted to do it yourself. I say tempted, not that you would. I don’t but I’ll admit to being tempted. Easy money is hard to turn down.

    The only thing scarier that those NIGERIAN EMAILS is the number of people who get suckered by them.

  3. I think once the spammers have the page address, their app persistently calls that via XML-RPC or some custom Web interface, which robots reuse. Perhaps those "type a code you see" solutions that exist on financial sites would work for blog comments as well.

  4. Alex says:

    it’s probably just bots running through links… i get them too from time to time.

  5. Matt says:

    Assholes defaced SCO too. No matter what you feel about them and Linux, its an immature thing to do. Maybe they did it because its a "M$FT is evil" zealot type person. You run that site, and you work for Microsoft, so you must be evil too.

  6. Chris Lundie says:

    Have you seen any trackback spam yet? I hear it’s starting to happen now, but I haven’t seen any.

    "I knew it! I’m surrounded by Assholes!"

    – Dark Helmet

  7. Jeff Atwood says:

    The short answer is, they do it because it somehow makes them money. Not because they’re assholes per se..

  8. Joe Bob says:

    My law of 10 is to tell them to f*** off ten times, getting louder all the while.

    works every time.

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