$299 – Buys Microsoft Developer Tools for all the Students in your High School !

One of the places where I think Microsoft has not invested enough is getting into Secondary and Post-Secondary Educational institutions.

Check this out.

MSDN Academic Alliance High School Membership

For colleges the Academic Alliance program costs $899, now for High Schools it's $299. What a great way to get High Schooler's started with .NET development.

I think I'll make a gift of an MSDN AA membership to the High School in my town.


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  1. Eric Maino says:

    Joe that would be great if you would make such a donation to your local high school. I am beginning to form the INETA Academic K12 committee that will focus primarily into reaching out to high school students and faculty. If you wouldn’t mind pointing me in the direction of your local high school I will be sure they get on the list to get assistance from INETA Academic K12 so we can help them put the MSDNAA to good use.

  2. Great idea! An MSDN AA subscription for a high school or college is the perfect gift that students can enjoy all year long.

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