Settle the argument for me !!!!

Some of the guys on my team are making the argument that we (MSDNEvents) should invest more heavily in blog technology.

Others say people don't really read blogs and that we can't connect with developers via blogs.

As a "test" for our senior management team, we are seeing how many click-throughs we can drive to our site via blogs.

Help us out by clicking here to tick the counter !!!!


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  1. Clicked!

    I don’t know if you can connect to _all_ (or even all types) of developers through blogs. But you can definitely start conversations with folks that want to be talking and making input. Plenty of others might be out there but they’re not necessarily likely to want to listen anyway — whereas the blog readers actually seeked you out.

  2. Jeff says:

    The 500 people that read my relatively uninteresting blog certainly don’t seem like "no one" to me.

  3. Wen says:

    There’s more to it then just having blogs. You need to bring new readers in. Some aggregators do that. For example, I came here through at the top level. Another possibility is that other blogs that people are regularly visiting will link to your blog. The second thing is bringing people back for more, and that means producing valuable, meaningful, useful and/or interesting content. If you have interesting things to say, people will come.

  4. An aggregateable site is about the only thing that I see these days. Much easier way to digest changes in the web.

    p.s. When you are you guys going to publish CDN events via RSS? (Or have you, and I can’t find it)

  5. Chris Lundie says:

    I’m here because of an excellent webcast you presented, and thanks to RSS I will keep reading as long as you have something to say.

  6. Help Joe make a point. Let his bosses know that blogs can generate traffic.

  7. Guy Provost says:

    Done! What’s funny is that I’m here cause I read Neopoleon… I clicked twice… is it ok 😉



  8. To+ says:

    It’s a matter of time. I enjoy reading blogs and its great that Microsoft publish empleoyes blogs, is the best way to share opinions, news, tech, support…

    I bet for this.

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