Help me pick a couple of web cast series……


I've been doing some planning for next year's webcasts and wanted to get some feedback as to what developer's at large are most interested in.

Here are the "series" I'm considering.

  • Digital BlackBelt Training - A series of deep dives on developer security subjects including architecture, coding, instrumentation, and segment by segment on How Hackers Hack.
  • Extending the .NET Developer Experience - Quick peeks at all kinds of commercial and free products that extend the Developer Experience for Windows developers. I get the product, play with it, show you the basics in the web cast. I'll even get one of the products developers on line to answer questions and offer a discount code if I can.
  • Jump Star Series - Lots of developers confide that there are technical areas that the need the "basics" on. This series would tackle one of these subjects each week. Stuff like, XML Schema 101, HTTP Under the Covers, Resource Files in .NET, An Introduction to NameSpaces, etc.....
  • Getting Certified - Each week a tutorial and test prep review of a certification topic. I'll even take the tests before the webcasts.
  • Code Review - Doing walkthroughs of customer application code and taking suggestions from the viewers in real time.

Anyway, those are a few ideas. Please comment !!!!


Comments (9)

  1. Kedar says:

    Are there plans for any driver development for longhorn series?

    We need something like explanation of drivers can be built using DDK samples and customising them.

  2. null says:

    <font size=+2>NEVER!! Get</font> <font size=-2>Certified</font>

    Jump Start (Star) and Black Belt are acceptable.

  3. Benjimawoo says:

    I think the Code Review sounds fantastic. One way to extend it as well, I guess, would be to take a real world problem and talk through (with viewers’ suggestions) the process of turning the problem into code.

    Then you can compare and contrast with the train of thought that produced the costomer application code. They might be the same, they might be compleetely different. I would certainly make for an entertaining webcast!

    It’s just a thought. I know I’d sign up to see that!

    The rest of them sound great as well, especially the Digital Blackbelt series.

  4. Out of those, I like the "Extending the .NET Developer Experience" idea the best. I don’t generally use commercially available "add-on" products because as a consultant, I have to justify them to my client (unless I’m feeling generous, that is), and without knowing if they are of good quality, that is difficult to do. Just not enough time in the day…

    The "Digital BlackBelt Training" is also a good idea… never can have too much information on security. 🙂

  5. Great ideas! Most important for me would be "Jump Star Series", but "Extending the .NET Developer Experience" would also be great. "Getting Certified" could be interesting, too (but not too often)

  6. Jeff Fansler says:

    I think code reviews sound great. Especialy if we can get the code that is being reviewed ahead of time. I would love to see real world apps, and what experts would do to make them better.

  7. Chris says:

    I like the code review.

  8. Andy says:

    My vote is for theCode Review and the Black Belt, in that order.

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