Changing a contact name in MSN Messenger.

One of my pet peeves with MSN Messenger is that people can reset they name to display to whatever they want in my contacts list.

Often they only use the first name "Paul" or something foolish that doesn't even include their name.

With MSN Messenger 6.2 and Messenger Plus you can set your contact names to anything you want.

It's also got a bunch of other cool customizations.


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  1. ShadowChaser says:

    The last time I used it, Messenger Plus installed tons of Spyware (even though they claim it doesn’t have any!!) so I refuse to use it… I really hope the MSN guys add renaming into 6.3…

    How exactially am I supposed to know who "Cool as ICE" or "Argh" are? Hehe

  2. technostan says:

    I love the ability to change the name to display whatever I want. I’ll sometimes put URLs to cool sites, advertise things I’m selling, rant or ask questions. But usually what I do is I type the message after my name… stan c – blah blah blah

    if only more ppl on my list did this..=p

  3. Messenger Plus gives you an option on its installer package to install adware/spyware stuff. It’s slightly missleading, it looks like a licence agreement, and the option "No, please dont install the sponser program" isn’t the default, so a lot of people skip through it.

    They get a lot of complaints about it and a great many people install it by mistake. There are however detailed instructions on the site about how to remove all the junk it installs.

    It would be nice if messenger did many of these things already though. 🙂 Are there any MSN Messenger bloggers that anyone knows about?

  4. Chris Lundie says:

    If I know that some app might install spyware, it pretty much taints that product as far as I’m concerned. Not touching it with a ten foot pole.

  5. Ian Ceicys says:

    Hey Joe. I loved the .net rocks interview. Seeing how you’ve brought up msn messenger here, what’s your im contact info? I’d like to add you to my buddy list. If you don’t want to post here because of spam, then just add my mine just delete "NOSPAM" from my email name below.,

  6. bko says:

    i have one qestion

    can you chang your msn hotmail e_mail name

    if you wanna contact me send an e_mail to

  7. Paul Murphy says:

    Hey, was that in reference to me?? I always say "Paul" as my MSN name! 😉

  8. Juba says:

    I found your page by searching for "msn messenger pet peeves". What bugs me is not that you CAN change your contact name, but that so many people DO change it to something which leaves you wondering who the hell it is – like "I have a headache today". You can get a clue by hovering your mouse pointer over the contact name to see the person’s e-mail address, but often enough you don’t know who the e-mail address belongs to either – grrrr!

  9. One of my pet peeves with MSN Messenger is that people can reset they name to display to whatever they want in my contacts list.

    I do not agree. Go to

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