Brad Abrams – Latest Developer Celebrity !!

Wanna know know who my prediction for one of the up-and-coming conference celebrities is ?

Brad Abrams !!!

Brad (  gave a GREAT talk on “What’s new in the CLR 2.0”

Brad is the co-Author of  .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Volume 1

I had never heard Brad present before and his session was a real highlight for me.

 He covered new CLR features like Console Enhancements, Secure String Class, Password types, color support, Console.Readkey, SQL Integration, 64 bit readiness, Performance enhancements, RAd debugging, Security Improvements, Generics, BCL advances, Typed Resources (very cool), Windows on Windows for 64bit, new performance inspired APIs, TryParse, GC.AddMemoryPressure, Debugger Diaply Views, updated crypto support, managed ACL support, File.ReadAll, generics, System.Nullable, and more.

Defiantly one of the most informative sessions I've attended this year  and I hope to rip off his content so the New England Developer community can benefit from it!

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