Windows XP (SP2) – Works for me!

The anti-Microsoft zealots accuse me of being brainwashed and the Microsoft zealots accuse me of being a traitor.... 

I usually participate in Microsoft's "dog-food" programs (internal beta testing), but I delayed doing to with Windows XP (SP2). There was allot of dialog about time consuming impact of SP2 and my workload this summer hasn't afforded me the schedule flexibility that some beta participation desires.

When Windows Update started pushing out SP2 (2 weeks ago) I installed it on several of the machines in my lab.

No problems across the board. Nothing broke.

The configuration dialogs are a bit annoying and having to click twice to intentionally download files is an annoyance, but I don't find these behaviors any more intrusive than the frequent dialogs form other security tools that I use like Norton's Internet Security and Zone Alarm Pro.

I guess your mileage may vary and usually when there is allot of noise about something new from Microsoft I can at least see what the fuss is about, but in my experience so far SP2 is pretty painless.

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  1. The biggest problem with SP2 is the firewall – and the silent blocking of all programs running as a service. No pop-ups, no warnings, nothing. Whoever decided on that should be shot.

  2. Jason Sincyr says:

    Hello Joe or any reader

    maybe some one could help me out,

    I installed SP2 on Sept 2

    this is the same time my problems started so i am assuming SP2 had something to do with it?

    What is happening to me is, I can not send email from any of my accounts

    MSN hotmail yahoo outlook fast mail none!!

    also many pages i surf "more so Larger loads" are coming up can not find server

    I receive a update from a friend saying that spyware on my PC at the time i updated SP2 might have been the problem? I dont know??

    I did remove SP2.

    i have tried every thing i know to do "which is not very much"

    Can any one help me out here.

    Maybe it has nothing to do with SP2 but it seems funny it happened the same day

    and now i have paper weight lol

    thanks for time or input on this

    Jason Sincyr

  3. Joe Stagner says:


    Use the Contact link and send me your email address, I’ll see if I can help.


  4. James says:

    SP2 hosed my Media Center’s ability to play smooth live tv. Restored to a backup image, and no more choppy video. Backup, Backup, Backup.

  5. Jason,

    Not being able to send e-mail is due to the firewall. You want to add MSN Hotmail, Yahoo, and outlook to your "exceptions" list, make sure to uncheck "Do not allow exceptions" in order for this to work. You would normaly want to go to the firewall:

    Start > Control Panel > Switch to Classic View > Windows Firewall . Click the "Add Program" button, search for Outlook and click the "OK Button".

    Now for sending e-mail through Yahoo! and MSN Hotmail. Please add them to your "allow list" in the popup blocker, as well as to your safe list.

    To add to popup blocker (allow popups) do the bellow:

    Start > Internet Explorer > Tools > Pop-Up Blocker > Pop-Up Blocker Settings..

    add "http//" """ to your "allow list".

    As for spyware get spybot search and destroy.

    Download, install, and follow the directions. 😉

    Now let us add the three sites again to the "Trusted Sites Zone"

    Start > Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites… [button] :


    You’re done. 🙂 I suggest you reboot, always helps even more. Good Luck. Have fun. God Bless.

    Steve out.

  6. Fred Weil says:

    Trusted sites act very oddly. Having added a site to my trusted sites list I now get a warning popup asking if I want to visit the siter every time I go to it.

    It is a TRUSTED site, of course I want to go to it. Whoever decided on this behaviour??? it is totally counter intuitive.

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