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Every wonder what THAT running process is ?

Check out !

It has a search engine for names found in startup entries with a description of what it does and where it comes from.


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  1. Alex says:

    > Every wonder what THAT running process is ?

    Also try Security Task Manager ( )

    The TaskManager tool is great for rating the processes by degree of vulnerability. Good for finding spyware and other unwanted processes or services.

  2. Paul Collins says:

    You’ll find a lot of sites out there now that do startup programs or task lists – and a lot of them originate from my own list at and recognize the copyright accordingly.

    The main difference between my own list and the the process libraries or task lists is that I clearly identify the list as startup programs – and these can be disabled easily in one way or another. For tasks (via CTRL+ALT+DEL) you can just stop as task running but it din’t clear and it also includes services and other background tasks as well as startups.

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