Presenting for a Living – Book : Great Demo !!

I was on the phone today with a Team Mate, Jacob Cynamon about the difficulties in presenting for a living. It's amazing how crytical developer audiences can be. 🙂

It reminded me taht I recently read a useful book for people who present in their jobs.

"Great Demo" - by Peter Cohan of "The Second Derivative".

To some extent it's focused on technical sales folks, but it's really a super resource for anyone who speaks on technology issues.

Check it out !

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  1. Tim Burns says:


    Saw your presentation in Providence last week and thought you did a fantastic job. We had a call on some production issues that we had to deal with before five so had to skip out, but I wanted to send a message that I rated you as excellent on all counts.

    Best regards,

    Tim Burns

  2. Joe:

    I’ll bet you have some good "road" stories. Love to see some on your blog.

    BTW, I was at the Manchester NH presentation. Good stuff. I’m attending an Oracle (the O word) presentation next month. I’ll let you know how it compares to yours if you are interested.


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