Why the name “Frustrated by Design” ?

All my life I have greatly valued challenging conversations. I’ve also come to know only a few people with which to engage is such discussions. My team manager is one of those “special” few. In a recent discussion we were engaging in a bit of casual introspection. In my case, lamenting the paradox of being both an idealist, and a cynic. I commented that this schizophrenia caused me to be “Frustrated by Design”. Mike O’Neal, my boss, thought the expression encapsulated my outward personality – and the phrase stuck.


Since I expect my blog will often be an oration about the way the world, technology, and Microsoft SHOULD be. I thought it was also a great name for my blog. I hope you find the content here interesting, entertaining, or both.  

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  1. Robert Björn says:

    Looking forward to read your comments.



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