BOOK: Joel on Software

Joel is good a pissing people off!  Weenie armchair quarterbacks and other fanatics that are easily infuriated probably won’t like this book, or Joel’s other writings. A first glance at this book might give you the impression that Joel Spolsky is another bloging cynic with more opinion then experience. But don’t be fooled. Joel is…


“Smelling the Roses” during the Holidays.

I was technically on vacation this week, though I’ve been doing alot of work, I’ve also been spending time doing holiday “stuff” with my little angels 🙂 – here, decorating Christmas Cookies. I laughed so hard my stomach hurts. (… and the clean up took longer than the cookies.) I hope all of you are…


New Years Resolutions

Useually I don’t do New Years Resolutions but I’ve really been working on my organizational management skills after attending the FranlkinCovey class a few weeks ago. So here is my years major milestone planning. 1.) Daily Temperance Passion is a great thing, but it sometimes interferes with my most effective communications. In 2005 I will…

Bug tracking Software

As part of the Digital Black Belt Security Webcast Series that I’m  working on I’m building a matrix of bug tracking applications. Do know of any that I missed ? Which should I review first ?


Microsoft jumps into the SpyWare defense business !!!

From Microsoft PSS…….. Today, Microsoft announced that we have acquired GIANT Company Software Inc., a New York-based company that develops anti-spyware and Internet security products. The goal of this strategic investment is to help our customers keep spyware off of their computers with new solutions that they can use in the near future. It also…


DIGITALBLACKBELT: Ideas for the first 8 web casts in the series.

I’m planning the first in the Digital Black Belt Web Cast Series – here is my first pass at the topics. What do you all think? – The first three are intended to set the stage, but I’ll add tools, stats, examples, to keep them interesting. 1.) The Software Security Crisis – Selling Management on the…


BOOK: Good to Great (Jim Collins)

BOOKS: Good to Great (Jim Collins) I just finished reading “Good to Great” for the second time. As I recall, I first read it a couple of years ago and thought it was a fine book, but it didn’t especially GRAB me. Early this December (2004) the entire MSAM (Microsoft Across America) team met in…


CHECK IT OUT – The Code Room Pilot Episode

How cool is this !!! MSDN Events TV on The Server Side .NET The Code Room Pilot Episode Of check out the

Why are there so many Assholes ?

<JOE-RANT> I’m on vacation this week, which is to say that I’m catching up on work. While doing a collection of web maintenance tasks and getting a couple of new web sites ready, I’m struck with the question “Why are there so many Assholes ?” Why do the same assholes SPAM my blog every day?…


Microsoft Source Code Thief Arrested

William Genovese, a.k.a. “illwill,” was arrested and charged with selling Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 source code. [ Click HERE to read the whole article. ]