One less “uncertified Master”

News travels pretty fast, so I thought I would get the official word out tonight before this news became too stale.

As many already know, three months ago we announced some pretty significant changes to the SQL MCM program. I won’t recap those changes in great detail here, but the bottom line is that we wanted to remove some of the barriers of cost, duration and location from the SQL MCM certification requirements.

Why? One big reason was so we could reach more of the “uncertified Masters” we know are already out there.

And today there is now one less “uncertified Master”. Congratulations to Denny Cherry, our newest Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server 2008!

A little background on Denny:

Denny Cherry, Sr. Database Administrator. Denny Cherry has over a decade of experience managing SQL Server, including’s over 175 million user installations (one of the largest in the world). Denny’s areas of technical expertise include system architecture, performance tuning, replication and troubleshooting. Denny currently holds several Microsoft Certifications related to SQL Server as well as being a Microsoft MVP. Denny is a longtime member of PASS and Quest Software’s Association of SQL Server Experts and has written numerous technical articles on SQL Server management.

Needless to say, we’re very happy (and proud) to have Denny joining the community.

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  1. Daniel Fenn says:

    Congrats, hope your hard word has paid off in the long run 🙂

    Daniel Fenn


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