Last batch of SQL MCM videos now published

Our last planned batch of SQL Server 2008 MCM Readiness Videos are now published – covering Partitioning, Snapshot Isolation, EXECUTE AS, SQL Injection, Replication, Partial Database Availability, Online Piecemeal Restore, optimizing procedural code, a demo of multi-server management, indexing strategies, index analysis, designing an availability strategy, Failover Cluster setup & troubleshooting and consolidation.

This is the final batch of videos.  I hope we can extend something similar again in the future, but we’ll see.  It will depend on several factors. 

I hope that you find these videos to be helpful and for those of you studying for SQL MCM certification, best of luck to you!

Comments (6)

  1. Didier says:

    Thanks for the head-up… Downloading right now.

    Question, do you plan to put some videos for the 2011 MCM (when it becomes avalaible) ? Also, what the upgrade to MCM 2011 will be ?

  2. Joe SAck says:

    Hi Didier,

    Regarding other videos, this is yet to be determined.  It will depend on several factors (budget, public response to videos, availability of instructors, schedule).

    No timeline to announce about the next version of SQL MCM at this time.  We won't be releasing this any sooner than 90 days after the next version of SQL Server is released.


  3. Didier says:

    I have downloaded all the 70 videos and there's 2 #09 :

    – Index Analysis : MCM_09_IndexingAnalysisLecture.wmv

    – Consistency Checking (Part 1) : MCM_09_ConsistencyChecksLecture_Part1.wmv

    while the Consistency Checking (Part 2) is #15. And the indexing ranges from 5 to 12 (execpt locking and snapshot).

    The Consistency Checking (Part 1) should be #15 or am I wrong (or missing something) ??

    Also there's no video #19.

  4. Joe Sack says:


    The numbering was for internal purposes only.  It was just a convention used by our instructors when delivering the videos to Microsoft.  

    Bottom line is you should have 70 separate videos.

  5. Didier says:

    No problems for the numbering, I was surprised of not seing #19, but for sure, it doesn't matter.

    I have all the 70 videos, so everything is fine and clear.

    Thanks again for these awesome videos and all the work put so we can enjoy them.

  6. Joe Sack says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Didier.  Have a great new year!

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