Windows Server 2008 – How to Move the Quorum Disk Group

I received this question from a friend the other day - asking how on a Windows Server 2008 cluster you can move the quorum disk group to another node?  Much has changed with failover clusters in Windows Server 2008, and after digging around for several minutes, I was unable to find a way to move this using the new Failover Cluster Management GUI tool.

Today I found out from Rick Bergman (fellow Dedicated Support Engineer supporting Windows) that there is a way to do this via command-line:

Cluster group “Cluster Group” /move:<newnode>

For example, my quorum disk was on server "TX154809-N1" and I wanted to move it to "TX154809-N2".  I used the following syntax:

cluster group "cluster group" /move:TX154809-N2

Problem solved.  Thank you Rick!  This must be my week to ask Windows questions.

Comments (3)

  1. SS Fan says:

    Great posting, thx for taking the time to post this, much appreciated.

  2. Efs says:

    Hi, thanks for your posting.

    Another question, Does this bring any resource offline ?

    Thanks again.

  3. WR says:

    Efs: Not in my experience. No longer than the normal failover process takes plus running the command.

    However, I have found that I need to run TWO commands:

    cluster group “Cluster Group” /move:SERVERNAME

    cluster group “Available Storage” /move:SERVERNAME

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