SharePoint 2013 and 22-April-2014 status

Re-Release of SP1 is available! My colleague Stefan was the first one, so please check his blog post:


SharePoint 2013 and 09-April-2014 status

We can see that a couple of hotfix packages are available for our Office 2013 product family, called April 2014 CU. We know as well that we have issues when SharePoint 2013 has SP1 installed separately. Unfortunately we have not yet the full-server package April 2014 CU for SharePoint 2013 and also not an answer…


Antivirus enabled for SharePoint and dependencies for SSRS

We know that when we enable Antivirus Check in SharePoint we have to install on all our WebFrontEnds the software we got from the Antivirus Software Vendor. In that environment we have now integrated “SQL Server Reporting Services integration with SharePoint Products and Technologies”. Question: Do we need also the Antivirus application installed on the…