SharePoint Online, Vanity Domain, PowerShell, CSOM and the MSOID cname record

You are using PowerShell plus CSOM to automate some scenarios managing content stored in SharePoint Online Lists, Libraries and more. To authenticate your PowerShell session, you may use SharePointOnlineCredentials. Additionally you configured your Tenant to use your vanity domain, like instead of or or also other sovereign clouds we have. During the…


New Web Property OneNoteVersionIntervalMinutes since August 2016 CU

With the following change we introduced a new property some SharePoint administrators may find useful. 3115454               August 9, 2016, update for SharePoint Foundation 2013 (KB3115454) • You have versioning enabled on a document library. You were be unable to control how frequently a new version of an OneNote Notebook Section file will be created….


Post-2-the pages- Publishing Sites structural navigation bulk export and import of navigation items hide or show

In the post we talked about SubSite navigation items, but there are also pages that can be set to show or hide. Working with the pages is a bit more tricky, because we need to do that with the context of the SubSite, therefore more information is needed when importing the settings later. On…


What might be overseen when HNSC, reverse proxy and off-box SSL termination needs to be configured

Since SharePoint Server 2013 we have a new way to create a Site Collection, called Host-Named-Site-Collection. The benefit with those HNSC is that you do not need to play with extended websites and AAM settings. First “surprise” is that there is no user-interface to create a HNSC. Looking around and we have to use PowerShell….


Terms and how to update TaxonomyHiddenList when the timer job was not able to update

Updated 29/June/2011; this issue has been fixed with the June CU and that means the described workaround below is obsolete now. This post might be important for you when: You know and manage your metadata store; sometimes you changed a term and you are wondering why the changed term cannot be seen in a List…


Fastest way to create the UPA for SPS2010

Nearly everything can be configured through PowerShell but not everything makes us really happy. Three Accounts are recommended: Domain\SPFarm; local Admin on the SharePoint Server Domain\SPAppPool; has “Run as service” on SharePoint Server Domain\SPDirSync; has the AD permissions for the replication Logged in as Domain\SPFarm and with three lines of PowerShell we can configure the…


What is the difference between Local Administrator and Machine Administrator?

With our new SharePoint Server 2010 running only on 64bit and Windows 2008 (R2) we as Administrators are having something more to check than it was necessary with Windows 2003. As a Farm Administrator the login might be MyDomain\SPFarm and you are member of the “Local Administrator” Group of the machine (The SharePoint Server). You…