SharePoint Server 2010 SP2

Our Service Pack 2 for all Office 2010 products is available. Below a summary of all available kb articles and already known remarks are: June 2013 CU is the first CU after SP2 but you can still install SP2 on top of June CU. In the past it was still possible to install a post…

SharePoint 2010 and Service Pack 1

Already installed? No? Please read the post of my colleague Stefan Gossner.

Incoming Emails into DocLib does not work when

you have the following scenario. Email enabled DocLib with an address e.g. E-Mail security settings: “accept e-mail from only members of the site who can write to the DocLib“ Two user accounts: contoso\andy with Email address contoso\chris with Email address Both users are set as contributors and are able to create, delete…


Design limits when using Slide Library

Imaging the following scenario: Have a Slide Library on your TeamSite. You edit the page to customize the size of the WebPart showing the Slide Library content. How our design tools are helping you to understand the Limits of a possible customization?   You tried to shrink the width by 10 centimeters and the blue…


We announced SP1 for SharePoint 2010

Our Office Sustained Engineering team announced the upcoming Service Pack 1 for all Office 2010 products.

Abbreviations for our SharePoint 2010 products

I got this information from a Beta Support Engineer and I start using the following: MSF2010 Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 SPS2010 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 MSS2010 Microsoft Search Server 2010 MSX2010 Microsoft Search 2010 Express