Solution for the list view issue with MS16-004 (January 2016 PU) for SharePoint 2013

I copy and paste the summary from my colleague Stefan to give you an update on my blog as well.

Several people ran into the issue that list views stop working after installing MS16-004.

The security fix contains a code change which requires as well an update to the not localized and to the localized files of the SharePoint foundation component. Localized and not localized file are installed through two different msp files and the security fix package does not include the localized msp file.

If you are looking for a minimal change to resolve the issue, you can just install the following fix, which contains the missing msp file containing the localized files:

KB 3114508 – Download location:

Alternatively you can install the full server package of January 2016 CU for SharePoint 2013 which also includes the required msp file. From support perspective we always suggest to install the full-server package instead of so called “packlet’s”.

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  1. ronald75 says:

    We are experiencing problems with controls (treeview) from mscomctl.ocx after the MS16-004 update. We use the controls in VBA and not updated systems show a message 'Could not load an object because it is not available on this machine', when an addin (DOTM) is loaded that was saved on an updated machine. This is the fourth time a mscomctl.ocx update is screwed up by Microsoft.

    Do you know the best way to get the attention from Microsoft to look into this?


  2. Are you using that mscomctl.ocx together with a SharePoint 2013 page?

  3. ronald75 says:

    No, I'm using the ocx in a Microsoft Word Add-In. I know this page is about Sharepoint, but I was hoping to find people with the same problems.

  4. Ben says:


    After installing 3114508 it fixed the view issue and I’m able to see the existing data. The remaining issue when I try to create new item in a SharePoint Link list, after I filled the new form and try to save it, it display the message that there is a mandatory field must be filled? is there another patch to fix this problem? Note this problem happen only when I use publishing site

  5. Dan Smith says:

    ronald75  – you are not alone.  

    We have this issue with a VB6 application and these folk have it with their VBA work……/excel-vba-automation-error-due-to-jan-2016-office-update-probably-caused-by-m…/mscomctl-ocx-broken-in-microsoft-security-update-kb3039794-or-kb2920727-january-12-2016

    I've found no reliable fix as yet.

    Please post back here if you find one and I'll do the same.

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