SharePoint 2013 and March 2015 experience regarding Windows Update

Also this month we got a couple of security updates through Windows Update for SharePoint Server 2013.

This morning I saw:


That is really a long List…

We (SharePoint Support) are still recommending to install the Full-Server package instead of each security update. The changed binaries are still cumulative and we also recommend to test the update before rolling it into production. Therefore I installed the March 2015 CU and the list in Windows Update might still show to you these two updates:


The first one looks like a “forgotten” one from February and contains 3 files and having to do with Spell-Checker. Number two in that list contains fixes when you have more than just SharePoint Server installed, e.g. Visual Studio. That means it is recommended to install these as well after March 2015 CU.

March 2015 cumulative update package for SharePoint Server 2013: SharePoint 2013 March 2015 CU

Comments (2)

  1. Peter Ridgway-Davies says:

    I just downloaded the March 2015 CU full package for SharePoint 2013.

    When I try and run the exe as an administrator I get the licence terms and selected to continue but update detection fails. I tried on a different server and got the same result. I tried downloading again in case the download was corrupt and got the same result ie the installation of the package failed. I have received some updates via Windows Update but the version number on the farm is 15.0.4701.1000 very close to the version on this download which is 15.0.4701.1001

    Does the install abort because it does not need installing? It would be helpful if the reason for the abort was provided.

  2. I installed March 2015 CU without the WindowsUpdate before and I see: Configuration database version:

    15.0.4701.1000 . It looks to be OK.

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