SharePoint 2013 August 2014 CU

This month we have:

  • Unfortunately no Full-Server packages, only packages for the different components we use with SharePoint are available this time.
  • We have a Security update and the question is to install only that or just take the August CU packages.

Our no full-server package dilemma: My colleague Stefan Gossner already figured out what kind of packages we have for SharePoint and check his blog post with all the details:

Security Update August 2014:

When comparing the file versions of the security fix and the CU, these are the same. Therefore in case you want to be on the latest bits including the security fix; have SP1 plus July 2014 full-server package installed and then on-top the packages my colleague listed on his blog-post.

For September 2014 we are expecting the full-server package to be available.

Comments (3)

  1. John says:

    Why is this process so difficult?  Seriously?  Have just one freaking package.  Please tell your buddies at MSFT to get their act together.  This is pathetic.

  2. Confused says:

    So… If I'm running the SharePoint Server, do I need to install first the Foundation CU? In some previous versions of SharePoint it was best practice to first install Foundation patches, then Server patches … so maybe I'll just do that also now? Is that correct?

  3. To stop confusing I would suggest to take the September 2014 CU Full-Server package for SharePoint Server 2013…/sharepoint-2013-september-2014-cu.aspx

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