SharePoint 2010 and August 2014 CU

This month it will be a bit more complicated and fortunately my colleague Stefan Gossner already figured out what is the best to do in case there is a need to be on the latest bits or August 2014 CU contains an important fix.

We have no Full-Server package this month and therefore the best idea we can recommend is to have SP2 plus July 2014 CU Full-Server and then install the packages for August 2014 CU.

To not reinvent the wheel please check the post from my colleague.


Update 25/Aug/2014

We have one more hotfix package available for August 2014 CU:

2760757    Hotfix KB2760757 for SharePoint Foundation 2010 August 22, 2014 (Wss-x-none.msp; Wssmui-<Language-Code>.msp)

Download Link:

One package for all available languages. This one has to do with RichText Editor columns/fields and the behavior of CTRL-C, CRTL-V, CTRL-A and more. The local Internet Explorer first needs to download the updated form.js from SharePoint, after you installed the fix on the SharePoint Server.

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