Content deployment logical limitation when switching a name

This limitation I want to talk about is valid for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010.

Imagine the following scenario:


Both Sites are living on Stage and Production. Now you found a problem that the names of these two sites has to be cross-changed or switched.

On Stage you will do the steps as follows:

  1. Change http://SP-Server/Sites/Technology/ to http://SP-Server/Sites/TEMP/
  2. Change http://SP-Server/Sites/Advertising/ to http://SP-Server/Sites/Technology/
  3. Change http://SP-Server/Sites/TEMP to http://SP-Server/Sites/Advertising/

Content deployment now will use the changes:

  1. Change http://SP-Server/Sites/Technology/ to http://SP-Server/Sites/Advertising/
  2. Change http://SP-Server/Sites/Advertising/ to http://SP-Server/Sites/Technology/

This will fail at the target.

Reason: The Content Deployment feature simplifies the operations since the previous incremental deployment and omits the temporary name; hence, Content Deployment fails to rename both webs, stating that a web with the same name already exists at the destination of deployment.

In the event that a name “switch” is required, we recommend performing incremental deployment after renaming one web to a temporary name, and then performing an additional incremental deployment after completing the “switch.”  In the event that a naming conflict causes Content Deployment to fail, you can remediate the issue by renaming one of the webs to a temporary name, performing incremental deployment, and then completing the “switch.”

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