SharePoint 2010 and Exchange Calendar overlays

Some additional information when you think about Exchange Calendar overlay(s).

You might get the feeling that we talk in this article that more than one Exchange Calendars are possible.

When you use a SharePoint Calendar and you chose to add an Exchange Calendar as an overlay it will add always the Exchange/Outlook calendar information for your own account and you cannot chose a particular Calendar e.g. for a meeting room.



Calendar Name: Any text you want to use.

Outlook Web Access URL: This link will be shown on the left pane with Pink as background color. The link can be anything but it make sense to use the link to OWA. For more information please contact your Exchange administrator.

Exchange Web Service URL: It is important to use the right URL pointing to the Exchange WebService from where SharePoint gets the information. For more information please contact your Exchange administrator.

With all these fields to enter information you can configure that each user will see information from the own information in the Exchange Calendar.

What is behind?

SharePoint knows the user who logged in to the SharePoint Calendar page. With that user information SharePoint is able to contact the Exchange WebService to retrieve the calendar data for this particular user.

Comments (3)

  1. Is it possible to overlay the shared outlook calendars in the Sharepoint calendar.

    For example : I have my colleagues calendars on outlook, how can i get there shared calendars in sharepoint calendar

  2. says:

    Is it possible for everyone in my team (approximately 12) to have their Outlook Calendars display together in Sharepoint as overlays so that I can see which staff are on leave at the same time, which ones have appointments at the same time, etc without the need for them to create an additional calendar within Sharepoint.  The aim here is for everyone to continue to maintain one single calendar, but for Sharepoint to draw all those calendars together in the site and overlay display them??

  3. Hi J.Hankins, that is unfortunately not possible because of all the authorization needs. You could create a page with 12 Inline Frames pointing to the OWA-Calendars of all the users. To fulfill that please be sure to set the permissions in the right way on each Calendar. Exchange/Outlook also has for similar reasons the Free/Busy information so that others can see when someone is "free".

    With our new version SharePoint 2013 everything should be possible by using an APP to fulfill the need of merging Calendars living in Exchange together to build One-View.

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