SharePoint 2010 and the document ID some notes

With SharePoint Server 2010 we got the ability to stamp our documents with a “Document ID”. We have also a couple of documentation about this, how it works and why enabling takes some time…


Document IDs and the DocID Service in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM)

Details about how Document ID Service is activated

New Document ID Feature in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 – Activating the Document ID Feature

and much more…


Side Effects:

The document ID is not Unique. It might happen that you have two documents in your whole SharePoint farm with the same number. Let us have a look how the number gets created.

I got: 6QXUVKASN27Z-9-8


Comes from a property in the root of the Site and is in my case a random ID also called as Prefix.


Comes from the “number” of that List and is also stored as a property.


Is the ID of that item.

Imagine the following scenario:

You created a Site and enabled Document ID. You saved this site as a template without data. Now you created a new Site based on that template.

Later when some documents are stored two examples how such an URL with the Document ID could look:


Both URL will work and will show you the particular document.

Could that work?

For me not and Search gave me an error.

Reason 1: My Search configuration is not working in the right way.

Reason 2: We need to know the Site and with that we can use the DocIdRedir.aspx. Look for the two URL’s with mastersite/_layouts and donesite/_layouts.


Q: Why I got a random “Prefix” ?

A: You may did not set your own Prefix like me and when you changed it and expected to see the new one with your Documents:


This has been scheduled and may take some time like the first “Enable” of that feature.

Q: How to change the Prefix?

A: Go to Site Collection Administration and you will see a new entry Document ID Settings. The URL will be similar to http://SharePointServer/_Layouts/DocIdSettings.aspx.

With the next day I can see that all Document ID’s has been changed. The side effect with the site created by a template is still the same.


You are not 100% satisfied with this kind of solution and wants to prevent side effects by control it with your own code? Have a look into the SDK sample:

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  1. Prasanna says:


    I want to change the Begin with characters and Reset all checkbox using Powershell script. Please Suggest.

    Thanks in advance

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