SharePoint 2010 and December CU

The next cumulative update is available.

KB articles are having sometimes a bit delay but the link should work when these are available.

2459125 The full server package for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010;EN-US;2459125

Download link:

2459257 The full server package for SharePoint Server 2010 and contains also the MSF2010 fixes so you need only this one package.;EN-US;2459257

Download link:

Important for all Server Applications listed above:
After applying the preceding updates, run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard or “psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b -wait” in command line. This needs to be done on all servers in the farm with SharePoint installed. New since SPS2010 is that you can run psconfig in parallel on all SharePoint machines.

Comments (12)
  1. Mike says:

    Now, if only the password for the SharePoint 2010 hotfix would work, maybe I could install it.

    Only one password was supplied, and the update was downloaded on same day requested.

    This is not the first time this has happened with hotfixes.

    Doesn't anyone ever check that?

  2. Matthias says:

    Same problem here, the password doen´t work. Any ideas?

  3. Few minutes ago I tested it for SPS2010 KB 2459257 and the passwords sent with that known email works.

  4. Bryan Gulley says:

    The password issue is back.  I requested hotfix kb2459257 and the supplied password does not work.

  5. obautista says:

    I took am having the same problem.  Any ideas how to resolve the password issue?

  6. Kurt says:

    Same problem, downloaded patch but password will not work.

  7. Mike says:

    Same problem password doesn't work for KB2459257 requested it twice, Monday and today. Different passwords both times.

  8. Adjoo says:

    I'm also having the same problem @#$#%#$ microsoft!

  9. Brian Teare says:

    Same problem here, Foundation package seems fine server package password fails.  Very frustrating.

  10. Brian Teare says:

    Also, there are 6 links on the Server package download page to what seems to be the same file.  Come on wake up 🙂

  11. I cannot recommend to use Dec CU anymore because Feb CU is available. We've cases with the Dec CU issue and it takes some days until it will be solved. Unfortunately we'll have the same password problem when we send the hotfix manually to customers.  🙁

  12. Konnie McCauley says:

    Receiving error regarding not supported failover  partner.  I have not seen any references to applying the update pertaining to the failover server.  Does anyone have recommendation?  SharePoint 2010 Enterprise with mirrored SQL Server Database. 2008 r2

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