Declarative workflow should start automatically when an email arrives

For WSS V3 we created a fix so that after a security update the workflow will start automatically. With SharePoint 2010 we will have the same scenario and we will need to do the same steps we have since the fix for the earlier version.

It means we need to run stsadm -o setproperty -pn declarativeworkflowautostartonemailenabled -pv true also with SharePoint 2010.

All the information in the KB article 953289 is valid also for SharePoint 2010!

953289    A declarative workflow that is configured to start automatically when e-mail enabled items are created does not start automatically after you install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 1;EN-US;953289


SharePoint 2010 SPWebService.DeclarativeWorkflowAutostartOnEmailEnabled Property

Comments (1)

  1. Ann Smith says:

    I tried the command, "stsadm -o getproperty -pn declarativeworkflowautostartonemailenabled" on SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, and got the following message:

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    And I cannot see the property name "declarativeworkflowautostartonemailenabled" on the property list that "stsadm -o getproperty" returns.

    SP2 is install on the SharePoint server.

    Any ideas?


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