Meeting-Calendar-Survey and other views can confuse you

We are talking very often about Views and Lists because most of the items and rows we can see are based on our List infrastructure. Our Document Library is just a List and the saved documents are just attachments to a list item. To have a look what is saved on the doclib or list we might use our own Views or the standard one AllItems.aspx.

I will start to show you a possible confusing “View”.

Here you see a Basic Meeting WorkSpace:



The Attendees link in the green oval will point you to MyMeeting/Lists/Attendees/AllItems.aspx

The Manage Attendees link in the blue oval will point you to MyMeeting/Lists/Attendees/ManageA.aspx

As a user you will mean that both pages AllItems and ManageA are views on that List with all the attendees but that is wrong as you can see when you manage the List itself:



Here you will see only one view:



So what is now ManageA.aspx and why I can see this in the available views drop down field?


You see the “available” view in the orange oval. Here we have to talk about a special feature because:

  • ManageA.aspx is just a page with one webpart.
  • This webpart shows you a “view” of the Attendees list.

Because ManageA.aspx is not a view you will not see it in the List settings for the Attendees list. But when we have the out of the box WebPart to show the attendees list we might also use this as a View and you can choose that page like an own designed View. But now you want to see a “different View” inside that WebPart:

Step to change the "View for that webpart:



An important message will appear:



Another result is that you see this strange drop down box choices:

image Screenshot made on ManageA.aspx


Looking now into the available View for that list:

image Screenshot made on AllItems.aspx

There is no View anymore called Manage Attendees.


What you can do now?

There is no general answer because it depends on the reasons you had when you changed the Selected View. A couple of ideas I can provide to you but customizing is an open end brain-storm.

  • Add another WebPart to ManageA.aspx and choose the Attendees list. Delete the old one because that one has been broken now. You might develop an own view for all who are navigating to that page.
  • Create another List View’s of the Attendees list.
  • Add a Content Editor WebPart on ManageA.aspx and put links to the available List Views.
  • Add a kind of fake View with the name “Manage Attendees”


Here you see one example how you can be confused when working with all the possible ways to edit Pages and “Views”. The title for this post contains also Survey and Calendar so you might find some more ways to confuse yourself. At the end of the story you should think about Views (configured for the List) and Pages with WebParts that might also show a view for a List.

Have a training portal where you can test your own ideas when customizing before doing this on a production environment.

Your helpdesk might also support you before you run into problems which confuses you. After the problem occurred as well.

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