Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft Search Server Express 2010 Trial Period has expired

We saw a lot of discussions in the Forums and we had an internal discussion about this message:


One known large discussion thread:

And yes this is definitely a false alarm.

Credits goes to one of our Italian customers who asked for a hotfix and the official solution is as follows for SharePoint Foundation 2010 and the Search Server Express 2010:


Microsoft Search Server Express health analyzer rule reports "Trial period for this product is about to expire"


See a message stating "Trial period for this product is about to expire" after running the health analyzer within Microsoft Search Server Express.


By default the health analyzer rule “Trial period for this product is about to expire.” is enabled. This looks for the licensing module which doesn’t exist in Microsoft Search Server Express as it’s a free product.


Go to Health Analyzer -> Review Rule Definitions and disable running the rule "Trial period for this product is about to expire".



Disable the CheckBox.

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  1. Colin says:

    This isn't a fix as the error still exists when you go to secure store service under manage service applications

  2. Justin Kobel says:

    We're experiencing the same issue as Colin.  The fix will hide the error in the health analyzer, but still breaks the SSS intance on a customers' farm with SPF + SSE 10.  This makes our BCS systems on the farm unmaintainable if/when we have to add an additional username/password.

  3. Justin Kobel says:

    Great info, Joerg, thanks for the update.

  4. Edwin says:

    Nice update, thank for informing:)

    However Colin is right, the error still takes place when going to the secure store service.

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