Error message with SKTDevicesSamSung

Update 26/May/2010:
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When you create a new web application and create a site collection you may see the below error when you browse the site in IE.

Server Error in ‘/’ application
Parser Error Message: The browser or gateway element with ID ‘SKTDevicesSamSung’ cannot be found.

Office SharePoint Server 2007

When rebuilding browser capabilities  via aspnet_regbrowsers.exe, SKTDevices.browsers is excluded from 2.0 config browsers. Therefore, above SKTDevices was mapped to “Default” and will show an error.

Edit the compat.browser file in e.g. Notepad and remove these four browsers:

    <browser id="InfrawareSamSung" parentID="SKTDevicesSamSung">
    <browser id="InfrawareLG" parentID="SKTDevicesLG">
    <browser id="InfrawareSKY" parentID="SKTDevicesSKTT">    
    <browser id="InfrawareMotorola" parentID="SKTDevicesMotorola">

Remove these lines from the opening tag <browser...> including the line with </browser>.


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BrowserCapabilitiesFactory.SktdevicessamsungProcessBrowsers Method

The browser or gateway element with ID 'SKTDevicesSamSung' cannot be found

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