WSS and MOSS February 2010 CU

Windows SharePoint Services V3 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 are now be able to get updated to the latest available bits with February CU.

KB articles: available later than this post


978396 The full server package for WSS;EN-US;978396


978395 The full server package for MOSS;EN-US;978395

Download and installation information:

After applying the preceding updates, run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard or “psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b -wait” in command line. This needs to be done on every server in the farm with SharePoint installed.

Comments (13)

  1. rseiler says:

    You mention the next CU, but can we assume that the June one is going to be SP3 instead?  Will there be an SP3?

    Q978389 (the one listing most of the fixes), and Q978395, are not live yet.

  2. It’s a valid question. I’m expecting that June CU will be delivered in the same way but we definitely know that when June CU is available. Regarding SP3 I hope that it will be annouced if/when this will be "in development".

  3. Ricardo Caldas says:


    Tell me one thing, please. I already had installed SP2 MOSS (version, and I was trying to install February 2010 CU, but when I star to installing WSS CU it retrieves me an error "The version expected was not found in the system". Do you know what could be the problem?

    Thank you.

  4. Hi,

    I have downloaded the WSS CU a few times now and I always get an error trying to extract it?

    The MOSS CU extracted fine.


  5. Ricardo; Yes, you need also the SP2 stuff for WSS. Please have an eye on the 32 or 64bit packages.

    wma; It’s addressed; the 64bit issue with WSS Feb CU.

  6. Download of the 64bit fix works again.

  7. winblog says:


    I just wanted to know if it’s normal that after the process of installation of the CU, the installer asked me to reboot my server ? Due to this fact, I was wondering what is the best process to follow ? Do I need to reboot only after the WSS + MOSS 2007 Feb CU installation or should I reboot my servers between each package ?

    Thanks !

  8. Mr. Burns says:

    any response to the reboot question?  I'm faced with the same thing right now

  9. What is so bad when the system asks for a reboot? A possible reboot request we should expect when the installation process of binary files cannot update files which are "engaged" on the system.

    We as a human in front of the system cannot see whether a reboot is needed or not so when the system asks for a reboot please do it. Otherwise there is nor reboot needed.

  10. Zaki says:

    I still have Recardo Error, despite i have WSS SP2 installed, WSS Language Pack With SP2 installed, Also SharePoint Server with SP2 and SharePoint Server 2007 Language Pack Installed.

    Any Idea?

  11. Riccardo says:

    Hi also have the same error of Ricardo and Zaki, did you find any solution?

  12. Try it with June CU…/wss-and-moss-june-2010-cu.aspx

    Anything else might happen when you not have the right packages installed.

    WSS SP2 for the installed language

    WSS LP SP2 for each additional installed language

    MOSS SP2 for the installed language

    MOSS LP SP2 for each additional installed language

    Check also…/sp2-and-language-packs.aspx

  13. HI all,

    I have recently installed the Feb 2010 CU on a server that was running version

    However, after the install was successful and the configuration wizard reran without issue, the Version still says I am trying to do an stsadm restore from another environment and it also complains about the version.

    Anyone else have ideas or have experienced this?

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