Antivirus enabled for SharePoint and dependencies for SSRS

We know that when we enable Antivirus Check in SharePoint we have to install on all our WebFrontEnds the software we got from the Antivirus Software Vendor. In that environment we have now integrated “SQL Server Reporting Services integration with SharePoint Products and Technologies”.

Question: Do we need also the Antivirus application installed on the Reporting Server?

Answer: Yes you have to install also the “SharePoint Antivirus Software” on the Reporting server.

Question: Why?

Answer: With the integration of the SharePoint server bits and bytes into the Reporting Server installation the Reporting Server will be a member of the SharePoint Farm.


Question: But the Reporting Server is still not a WebFrontEnd so what is behind?

Answer: With the “SharePoint bits and bytes” installed on the Reporting Server we are able to use the SharePoint Object Model to store documents into Document Libraries in a direct way.


Question: What has this to do that the SharePoint Antivirus Software has to be installed on the Reporting Server?

Answer: When you upload a file into a Document Library and Antivirus Check is enabled the SharePoint code will ask the Antivirus Software to check the file. That means the SharePoint Antivirus application must be installed on the Reporting Server because it uses exactly the same functionality inside the SharePoint Object Model.



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  1. antivirus review says:

    Virus scanner and Antivirus software reviews and comparison.Despite security improvements of operating systems the internet is not becoming a safer place. Compared to a simple Antivirus, an Internet Security Suite offers comprehensive security protection for your computer.

  2. Sheela says:

    I am getting below error while deploying SSRS report when scan on upload is on.

    926052400: #960012: Finished loading antivirus scanner. Error -2147467262.

    Please help me out, if anybody has faced such issue

  3. Tom says:

    I have the same issue with Antivirus software with no solution yet.

    @Sheela: Did you solved the issue anyhow?

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