New build available for August CU

We removed the WSS August CU from the server and today I am happy that we can offer this update again. The new build number is 12.0000.6514.5004. Changed KB articles (973400) are on the way and available soon.

Product group highly recommend to install and test it first in a test environment before you update the production environment.

Needed information you will find in SharePoint August CU is complete

Q: How is the build number for MOSS August CU?
A: This has not been changed since it was available.

Q: That means new build for WSS is available but no changes for MOSS?
A: Yes, WSS August CU we have updated but not the MOSS August CU.

Q: I have installed the first WSS August CU build and should I now update with the new build?
A: If you are not facing crucial issues and your system runs it makes not really sense to update WSS again.

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