MOSS August CU not yet available

Credits goes to an EMEA customer who told us that the kb article is online with the link to download but the hotfix is not available.

We are talking about KB 973409.

With my post: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 10:33 AM
WSS August CU and where is MOSS CU?

I told to the community that MOSS August CU is not yet available and when it is available I will post it out.

Now I can hear: When it will be available?

The status today is that the machines are still building the packages and an ETA is unfortunately not possible to know in advance.

What I can say? I apologize on behalf of the whole hotfix team that the MOSS August CU hotfix packages are not available on the scheduled date. It means also that the content in the KB Article 973409 should be updated with the right build numbers when we know the right ones.

Stay tuned the next days.

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