MOSS and WSS June CU

Update #6 22/July/2009

Our SharePoint product group also posted the information about June CU:

The June CU is available for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services V3.

June CU’s and the KB articles you need to know:


971537 uber package or Server-Package;EN-US;971537



971538 uber package or Server-Package;EN-US;971538


This update contains hotfixes after April CU and we still recommend:

You may find newer hotfix releases (minor updates) but those are created after the uber packages for WSS and MOSS. The next cumulative update will be at the end of August 2009.

Regarding your comments: uber package contains global (language independent) and the localized (language dependant) hotfixes.

We changed the term “uber package” into “Server-Package” so from now I will also call it in that way.

Thanks for comments; you are right that the order is WSS and then MOSS, I changed that with update #6

Comments (5)
  1. AllenWang says:

    When will MOSS June CU be available?


  2. Sin Peow says:

    uber package and global package have what different?

  3. Sin Peow says:

    question ? normally Microsoft is recommended to install WSS patching first then only MOSS…

    why the suggestion here is Install the uber package for MOSS first?  

  4. boomshanka says:

    I think the link to the WSS package is wrong. It redirects you to the WSS CU for June 2009. The correct link I think is…/983311

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