BDC Business Data Catalog and sorting

You may want to use your SQL data to show that with a WebPart on a SharePoint Site. Now you want to sort that data with a different collation because the target language is different to US English.

- Have your data on a SQL source

- Create your XML file; Reference:
You may also use an easier way to do that with "Microsoft Business Data Catalog Definition Editor". To have that tool you need to install the "SharePoint Server 2007 SDK: Software Development Kit" from

- You must create also the SQL SELECT statement and here you can use the collation you want, e.g.:
SELECT Column1 FROM MySQLTable ORDER BY Column1 COLLATE Danish_Norwegian_CI_AS

- Import the XML file as BDC definition in your SSP

- Create your WebPart and also edit the View

- The important part here is now to not use the Sort by SharePoint, see screenshot



This is a very powerful feature because you also improve the performance when showing the data in the webpart. Getting the SQL data from the database server and show this RAW result inside your SharePoint Site. With performance optimization on SQL with indexes and much more you can create fast showed results. For different views you need different BDC XML files to have for all "Views" with the same SQL source a similar powerful behavior.

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