An own view of a WSS Calendar with calculated columns

In this example you want to display a start and/or end date-time value in a different format. I also want to show you how to work with All-Day calendar entries. My sample discusses especially All-Day events with a duration of one day. When more than one full day is selected the formula might need some improvements.

The All-Day events are stored in UTC time which means that you may have time differences when calculating with start or end-time. The difference depends on the configured TimeZone in the Regional Settings for the WSS Site.

The first idea:

=TEXT([End Time];"mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm")


The better way:

=IF(([End Time]-[Start Time])>0.99,IF(([End Time]-[Start Time])<1.01,"AllDayMeeting",TEXT([End Time],"mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm")),TEXT([End Time],"mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm"))

Your solution might be different to my one but I hope it gives you the hint when talking about All-Day calendar entries.


How complex those formulas could be?

More information about calculated columns:

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