ZunePass – What Have You Downloaded?

If you're a Zune owner, I hope that you at least tried out the 2 week free trial subscription to the ZunePass service that allows you to download as many tracks as you want from the Zune service in a "rental" fashion--as long as you keep paying your fee ($14.99/month) you can keep listening to the songs.  To me, as somebody who loves a diversity of music and doesn't own very many CDs, a subscription service is the best way to discover new music and enjoy old favorites that I'm not really willing to shell out a $1 a song to listen to.

I use multiple PCs to listen to music.  Here at work, I primarily listen to music on my desktop.  At home, I have a Vista Media Center machine that is the machine that my Zune is actually synced to.  That means that sometimes I'm downloading music here at work, and sometimes I'm downloading it at home.  If only there was a way to get all of the music on the same machine...

Well...it is.  There's a feature in the Zune software that allows you to see a history of all of your downloaded tunes and "restore" your library.  This will allow you to redownload everything you've ever downloaded in the past.  Here's how:

  1. Open up the Zune software and Sign In to your account.
  2. Click on the orange "Person" icon at the top of the screen and select "Account Management".
  3. The resulting page is a bit button crazy, but the second button from the bottom is "Restore Library".  Select it.
  4. By clicking "Begin Scan" on the resulting page, you'll get a list of everything you've ever downloaded.
  5. You can use the checkboxes to only grab the songs you want, and then go ahead and select "Restore".
  6. Tada!  Your tracks will begin downloading in the background.  Selecting the "Active Downloads" from under the "Marketplace" node on the sidebar will get you a list of your status.

Pretty cool, huh?  (Yes, yes, an online library a la Rhapsody or Yahoo Music would be cooler...)

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  1. Leif902 says:

    I want a Zune so badly, but untill those developing the hardware stop being idiots and restricting compatibility (with their own software no less!) there is no chance that I will buy one. The Zune has the potential to blow the Ipod out of the water, but Microsoft won’t seize it. If they would just let it synch wirlessly (albeit slowly) and enable compatibility with an Unmodified windows media player we’d all be happy. Infact, kill the Zune player entirly and develope a skin for Windows Media player, then just add a few more directplay filters and Zune might actually be a good product (and of course, using it as an external harddrive wouldn’t be a bad idea either).

    – Leif

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