Where Have I Been?!

Wow. I looked at my blog today and realized that it had been nearly a month since the last time I put anything in my blog—and that post was written by a blog reader. If the key to a successful blog is regularity, my blog is currently the cyber-equivalent of a K-Fed album.

Anyways, enough dwelling on the past…I can't control my lack of blogging enthusiasm for the past month, but I'm ready to start again. Let's do the simple thing—what have we been working on over the past month that a regular user of the MSDN Forums might care about? Well…

  1. Forum Bug Fixes – Woohoo! The Microsoft.com team that works on both the current version of the forums and a new version of the forums has given us source code access to the forums and let us start to check in bug fixes. What does this mean for you? That we are working on the bug fixes that you've been reporting to us. The biggest one that sticks out in my mind is that we've fixed quite a few nasty rich-text editor bugs, including the bug where when you hit ENTER it changed your font and resized your text. Yep—that one bothered us too. Look for the service pack to be deployed sometime in the next week (hopefully…)
  2. Statistics for new Support Team – OK, maybe this isn't exciting enough for the blog. I've been working on a statistics tracking site to help the new support team that Josh went to China to help train. Hey—it's important to see how we are doing, right? Right? (Josh's "Personal" tag is the best one to learn more about his China experiences.)
  3. Vacation! – Yes. I finally took some much-needed vacation. A real vacation. Not a vacation to Cleveland over Thanksgiving or Christmas. A vacation with sun, water, friends, beer and all of the other things that a good vacation has. It was great…

Now I promise and solemnly swear that I'll diligently keep this blog updated. Until the next time I get busy…

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  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    Sounds great.  Looking forward to it.

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