The Developer Solutions Team is in a Book!

If you've been following my blog or the blogs of my teammates (Josh, Sara, Jeremy, Bertan, or Kannan), you might be interested in the very latest about Power Toys and tools for Windows development. Don't you just wish you could take more information about power tools and curl up in front of a fireplace and read and read? OK, probably not, but we all know that despite the convenience and ease of the Internet, it just isn't as easy to read or as well put together as a great book.

James Avery and Jim Holmes have collaborated with a slew of people responsible for the creation of all of these great tools and written a book: Windows Developer Power Tools (ISBN #: 0596527543.) Using over 1,200 pages, the book covers the very best in Windows Development must-haves. Of course, we on the Developer Solutions team would like to think of our tools as must-haves, and sure enough, there are chapters on three of our first Power Toys—MSBee, Managed Stack Explorer, and the TFS Administration Tool.

Thanks to Sara for spearheading the effort on our team to make sure that our tools got in the book—coolness!

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  1. efrain says:

    i was looking through my programs menu and found this thing called power toys for windows xp.  i do not believe i have ever seen this before.  so i came here to find out if it was a ligitamate program before i open it and get a virus.  my question is is it lagitamate and waht is it used for?

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    The Power Toys for Windows XP are different from the power toys I mention here.  They are a group of useful tools geared towards advanced users.  To read more about them, check out:

  3. Matthew Manela says:


    This is how I enviosioned my life

    1. Be Born

    2. Have something I had a part in creating be mentioned in a book I don’t plan on buying.  


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