Power Toys for Visual Studio Pack Installer

Recently, I walked past our "Shared Source" poster hanging my team's hallway, and I saw it was covered in pastel Post-It notes.  Sara, our "Queen of Shared Source", had hung a Post-It note for every one of the Power Toys that our team has been involved in helping to release.  Some of them were brewed up here by our developers, and some came from other teams, but what caught me off guard was the sheer number of tools.  There were tons of Post-Its!  (Sara, I'm not going to steal your thunder--you can post a picture over on your blog of all the little Post-Its...)

With all of those tools, how do you install them all?  Well, Jeremy Kelley has been working on just the solution--the Power Toys Pack Installer. (link to Jeremy's post | link to download)  With the tool, you can get a list of currently available Power Toys for install, select the ones you want, and watch the tool silently download and install all of the tools in one fell swoop.  Even better is the fact that the Pack Installer automatically updates its list of available tools online, meaning that when we release something new, the list will automatically get updated!

Congratulations to Jeremy who's been working hard on this tool for the past few months--it's great!

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  1. ET says:

    Great great great idea!!! please add more stuff to the list we can download and install!!!

    This is very cool.  Well done.



  2. MSDN Archive says:

    You should post the picture of our post-it notes. 🙂

  3. If you’re like me, you’re lazy. You’d rather order out than cook, rather buy a robot vacuum than vacuum

  4. Wow—looks like I’m going to keep going on the "lazy" theme that I’ve started over the past few weeks,

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