Eye Candy Getting Closer to Prime Time…

I remember when I was back in school and saw some of the demo videos of what was then called Avalon.  At the time, I was becoming a Mac head...bored with Windows, I was in love with the eye candy and application refinement I saw in OS X.  Things just looked...pretty.  I remember seeing some demo of Avalon being used as a front end to a web store, and thinking "Wow--if that's what Windows looks like in the future, then Windows might be pretty exciting again!"

Today I saw a video demoing two neat demos showing off the power of .NET 3.0--a front-end for both Netflix and Flickr.  All I can say is that these applications are seriously cool--especially how I was able to download them and run them right away on my Vista tablet (running build 5840.)  The applications just feel nice--gone are the grey backgrounds and blue titlebars of the past, and in its place is something that feels much more organic.

The demos can be downloaded from a company called "thirteen23" here:  http://www.thirteen23.com/work.html

 If these are just proof-of-concept demos, I can't wait to see what .NET applications are going to look like over the next few years... 

(Videos of these apps can be found at On10.net.)


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