Eye Candy Getting Closer to Prime Time…

I remember when I was back in school and saw some of the demo videos of what was then called Avalon.  At the time, I was becoming a Mac head…bored with Windows, I was in love with the eye candy and application refinement I saw in OS X.  Things just looked…pretty.  I remember seeing some demo of Avalon being used as a front end to a web store, and thinking “Wow–if that’s what Windows looks like in the future, then Windows might be pretty exciting again!”

Today I saw a video demoing two neat demos showing off the power of .NET 3.0–a front-end for both Netflix and Flickr.  All I can say is that these applications are seriously cool–especially how I was able to download them and run them right away on my Vista tablet (running build 5840.)  The applications just feel nice–gone are the grey backgrounds and blue titlebars of the past, and in its place is something that feels much more organic.

The demos can be downloaded from a company called “thirteen23” here:  http://www.thirteen23.com/work.html

 If these are just proof-of-concept demos, I can’t wait to see what .NET applications are going to look like over the next few years… 

(Videos of these apps can be found at On10.net.)


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