Time to Have a Little Fun on the Forums!

I recently had a thread with one of our MVPs who's been very active in the forums in the past, and he brought up something that I hadn't really realized--the MSDN Forums have no "chat" area.  The forums, up until this point, have been purely technical Q&A, and there's been no area to blow off some steam, chat, and have a good time.

Well, that just changed!  I just created two new forums:  "Hot Technology" and "Show and Tell", both geared towards a purely social area for the MSDN Forums community.

Hot Technology is the place to go for good ole geek discussions.  Want to chat about the newest development technology, the newest CTP of Vista, the greatest sci-fi show on television, or just want to chat, Hot Technology is the place for you.

Show and Tell is a zone where members of the community can post about and ask for feedback about their new apps that they just brewed up while participating in the forums.  What did you just make?  Show everyone!

It's an experiment, yes--after the past few months, I'm leery of flame wars--but I think it's worth a try.  Go ahead, check them out, and get into the community!

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  1. Joe Morel recently announced the creation of two new MSDN forums. These are not the typical Q&A forums…

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