This Time It’s For Real–I’m Selling My iPod

For those of you who have been keeping up with the blog, I've been going through a migration from iTunes and the iPod to Windows Media Player and my Gigabeat S.  I'm now happy to say that I'm ready to complete the switch--I'm officially selling my iPod--through Windows Live Expo:

I can honestly say that I'm ready to be officially released from my four year stay an iPod user...but they are still beautiful devices.  I'm excited to see what the Zune has in store... 🙂

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  1. WindozeBloze says:

    "Thoughts from a fresh face at Microsoft"?  At least we can understand where you are coming from!  Too bad that the rest of the world isn’t also excited to see what Zune has in store!

  2. name says:

    Enjoy the darkside. Personally, I will never buy into any of this nonsense until the DRM is removed and I can buy lossless audio. It’s a sad irony that with technology advancing our sound quality is eroding. But then why should I complain? Many popular bands today aren’t even musicians in any sense of the word. I guess this is the decline of western civilization as I know it. So much for progress.

  3. Uncle paul says:

    I assume the migration is due to the ‘ban’ imposed at MS?

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    Uncle Paul–Trust me, there’s no "ban" at MS against iPods.  People here love technology, not just Microsoft technology, and I see iPods all over the Microsoft campus every day.  Nobody’s ever told anybody that we can’t carry iPods.

    "name"–I do agree with you–DRM is frustrating.  I love music, and agree that the fact that lossless audio isn’t readily available is frustrating–that in 1980 CDs came out–and they have much higher quality than what’s available today.  The one thing is that under the new music models, you actually are aware of *more* choices out there in new artists–not less.  Although it might not be through a music store, if you’re looking for new, good music, you should check out some of the podcasting scene–there’s some great independent stuff out there, and some podcasts act as "filters" to help you separate the junk from the noise.

  5. mark says:

    I was under the impression that the Zune will not be using Playsforsure.

    So are you saying that Zune will be using the WMP protected format but just not the Playsforsure sync connection?

    (I buy CDs still and rip them so I see no reason to switch from my iPod.)  

  6. Some Guy says:

    A microserf is going to actually buy that "zoon" thingie?

    Stop the presses!  Phone the neighbors, wake the kids!

    I guess this is why the Evil Empire is adding ten thousand people to the payroll this year.  If you all ante up and buy one of those paperweights, the company can pretend that they’re selling in significant numbers.

    Tell me, do you think the suckers on Wall Street will fall for that story?

  7. MSDN Archive says:

    What you know about the Zune is what I know–I read Engadget too.  If you read some of my other posts, you’ll see that I bought a Toshiba Gigabeat S a few months ago to replace my iPod.  It’s a great device, and CNet has actually given it a higher rating than the Video iPod.  It seemlessly integrates with Media Center and all of the PlaysForSure music stores, including Yahoo Music and Urge.

    Here’s a link to the review:

  8. Macklin says:

    Ok yea Zune will be great but u must understand that music u’ve downloaded from iTunes wont play on Windows Media Player without loads of work changing formats etc… Plus u wont be able to use that great store!!

    URGE, their top selling store is a load of rubbish for getting the music u want, mainly becuase they just dont have enough songs…

    Im sticking to iPod until they release all those fancy gadgets the Zune promises, which wont be long i guess…

    –P.S– does the Zune have replacable batteries?? My iPod says that soon (and I’ve only had 1 year) ill have to replace it for more than $150 or buy a better one, the only Mp3 player i know which it asks for…

  9. Siddharth says:

    Well i dont know migration from iPod to Zune is good or not, but its one’s own choice to go for what he likes..
    I was supposed to buy an iPod but now will prefer to wait for Zune, which has Radio and Wi-fi Connectivity as well..

  10. PR says:

    Zune? Hmmm… An ugly piece of device with an ugly name.

    These days, it seems the majority is well and truly conscious about image and will fork out the money to uphold that image — with the beautiful iPod.

    Of course, there are the geeks and gadget-loving persons around – although it seems the majority is moving towards style and class… -> both of which the Zune lacks.

    I won’t be seen jogging at the beach with a clunky ugly thing.



    MCP .Net

    For Programming / Development -> I choose Microsoft .Net

    For Lifestyle and Image -> Nothing supersedes Apple’s brands and products.

    ** Does anyone know when .Net might be available on the MAC OS platform??? **

  11. Harvey says:

    Well, believe it or not readers, there are those of us interested in Zune and what it offers that is distinct from iPod.

    In a few years all digital players – at least high-end digitial players – will have some form of wireless connectivity. It just makes much more sense than sharing earbuds. Don’t get me started on the hygiene issues.  🙂

    For those curious about what will play – and won’t play – on your Zune, we’ve attempted to summarize that for every song in your playlist, at”>

    – Harvey

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